01. The men walked through the [gloom] of the foggy night.
02. We couldn't see very far ahead of us in the [gloom] of the evening.
03. The mood in the room changed to [gloom] as the first election results came in.
04. The workers became pretty [gloomy] when they heard that the company was going to be laying off staff.
05. The church is really [gloomy] looking inside, with only a few lights here and there, and dust on everything.
06. My sister told me [gloomily] that she and her husband were probably going to get a divorce.
07. The economic forecast is quite [gloomy], and the government is talking about having to make serious cuts to its budget.
08. Maurice Maeterlinck once said that it is important to remember that happiness is as contagious as [gloom].
09. The future of our planet looks [gloomy] unless we take action to stop the destruction of our environment.
10. The atmosphere in the party headquarters was quite [gloomy] as it became apparent that they had lost the election.
11. It was a [gloomy] night; foggy and cold with no moon.
12. The [gloom] that has hung over the country's economy has begun to lift, with unemployment slightly down and a new trade deal in the works.
13. A sense of [gloom] has descended on the manufacturing industry with the announcement of a marked increase in fuel costs.
14. A figure appeared in the [gloom] of the night, standing at the edge of the cemetery.
15. He is a [gloomy] sort of person who never smiles or laughs.
16. A feeling of [gloom] hung over Kenya for months after Kenyan runners failed to win any major track medals in the 1984 Olympics.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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